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CIVCO’s Needle Guidance Systems utilize a two-part system consisting of a reusable bracket and a disposable snap-on needle guide. The disposable needle guide snaps onto the bracket, providing a fixed path for visualizing ultrasound-guided instrument placement procedures. Multi-angle brackets offer professionals different angles for needle placement. Once the desired angle has been selected, a stainless steel pin locks the angle securely into position. The pin is removable from the bracket for easy reprocessing between patients. Brackets should be cleaned and disinfected according to your CIVCO User’s Guide. Now clinicians can have a highly accurate guidance system for applications such as:

  • Core tissue biopsies
  • Fluid aspirations
  • Catheter placement

Needle Guidance Starter Kits:

Each starter kit contains a reusable bracket and 5 sterile procedure kits including needle guide, CIV-Flex™ transducer cover, gel packet, and colored elastic bands.

Ultra-Pro II™ Needle Guidance, a needle guide that incorporates more flexibility and advanced features to increase productivity.

Endocavity Needle guides

CIVCO’s endocavity needle guidance systems are designed to correspond with on-screen software guidelines, directing instruments for accurate placement procedures. Manufactured for a variety of transducers, the needle guides are designed to provide a secure fit to transducers. CIVCO needle guides are available in both disposable and reusable configurations.

Disposable Needle Guides reduce risks associated with cross-contamination. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “hospital-acquired infections account for estimated1.7 million infections, 99,000 deaths and $30 billion in excess healthcare costs annually.” By using a disposable guide and a transducer cover, you can help fight infection in your facility.

The guides are conveniently packaged in sterile procedure kits containing needle guide, transducer cover, gel packet, and colored elastic bands. Most guides accept 16-18GA instruments.

Reusable Needle Guides are packaged non-sterile. The reusable guides require proper sterilization and disinfection after each use. Most guides accept 16-18GA instruments.

Disposable Quick-Release Needle Guides are designed for single use and provide physicians with a tool for performing procedures such as deep perirectal abscess drainage, core tissue biopsy and larger-gauge device and catheter placement. The quick-release device offers three sizes in a single convenient procedure kit. Gauges include 10-11GA, 14GA, and 16-18GA.

Endocavity Needle Guidance Solutions

CIVCO’s complete line of endocavity needle guidance solutions includes transrectal and transvaginal guides for ultrasound transducers from leading ultrasound system manufacturers and are recommended for procedures such as tissue biopsies, fluid aspirations, catheterization, and marker placement.


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