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The SKATER™ Drainage System provides a complete portfolio of catheters and accessories for all-purpose, nephrostomy, biliary and centesis procedures.

SKATER™ All-Purpose, Nephrostomy, & Biliary Drainage Catheters

The SKATER™ catheters are designed to promote maximum drainage flow. They are formulated for patient comfort, kink resistance, easy insertion, and radiopacity. They can be used safely with ethyl alcohol and doxycycline.

Each Set Includes

  • SKATER™ catheter
  • Removable pigtail straightener
  • Metal stiffening cannula
  • Flexible stiffening cannula (Not available on 6F and 7F)
  • Locking system with snap-off tab (Not available on non-locking pigtail catheters)

SKATER™ All-Purpose Drainage Catheters are suitable for a variety of applications using a direct-stick or Seldinger technique. They feature a large catheter lumen, large skived drainage holes and a large lumen hub designed to promote maximum drainage flow.

Key Product Attributes
  • Expansive size offering of 6F – 16F
  • Available in locking and non-locking configurations
  • Choice Lock™ trocar stylet allows for single-handed abscess drainage placement
  • Comes with flexible stiffener, metal stylet, and metal cannula


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