SKATER™ All-Purpose Drainage Catheters

SKATER All-purpose Drainage Catheters are suitable for a variety of applications using a direct-stick or Seldinger technique. View Complete Information

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Key Attributes

  • A soft, kink-resistant polyurethane construction for patient comfort
  • Skived drainage holes to promote maximum drainage into the catheter
  • A consistent tip-to-hub inner lumen diameter to eliminate bottlenecks within the catheter
  • A locking shoulder at the catheter tip to reduce the accordion effect during introduction
  • Slip-Coat™ hydrophilic coating to reduce friction and allow for easy catheter insertion
  • Low-profile locking system that is easy to ease and comfortable to wear
  • Position markers to assist with monitoring for catheter migration post-placement
  • Choice Lock™ trocar stylet allows for single-handed abscess drainage placement
  • Catheter sizes ranging from 6 Fr to 16 Fr
  • 6 Fr and 7 Fr catheters also available in non-locking configurations

SKATER™ All-purpose Drainage Catheter Sets Include

  • SKATER catheter
  • Removable pig-tail straightener
  • Metal stiffening cannula
  • Flexible stiffening cannula (not available in 6 Fr and 7 Fr)
  • Leak protection cap

SKATER™ All-Purpose Drainage Catheter w/Locking Pigtail